Terms & Conditions

Welcome to DeadOnTacticalArms.com. With the services we provide to you, you are subject to the following conditions. If you visit or shop at DeadOnTacticalArms.com, you accept these conditions. Please read them carefully. In addition, when you use any current or future, service, visit or purchase from Us, whether or not included in the DeadOnTacticalArms.com Web site, you also will be subject to the guidelines and conditions applicable to such service or business.


Only firearms are eligible for this program with a minimum of a $200 purchase. During the initial 90-day period, you may make several smaller payments or one final payment at the end of 90 days.

Layaway's canceled at any time for any reason will be subject to a penalty fee equal to 20% of the total sale price (i.e. the initial deposit).

Layaway's not paid in full within the 90-day period will incur a $30.00 fee.

Layaway's not paid in full within a 120-day period will be canceled. All paid in amounts will be forfeited.

Consignment Terms

Consignor agrees to place the items listed below on consignment with Dead On Tactical Arms, LLC to try to sell them under the terms of this agreement. Dead On Tactical Arms, LLC agrees to accept the items listed for consignment sale under the terms of this agreement. Dead On Tactical Arms, LLC will: Inspect all of the items listed in this agreement, and will determine condition and functionality. Write up the description and specifications necessary in order to offer the items for sale. Will advertise and offer the items for sale as it deems appropriate. When the items consigned are sold and final payment is made by the buyer, the Consignor will receive their net amount within 30 days. The Consignor represents that they are the rightful owner of the items listed, and that the items are free of any encumbrance. The Consignor agrees that, as Dead On Tactical Arms, LLC is required to complete all inspections and specifications, prepare the items for sale, and advertise the items, that the items consigned will be left on consignment with Dead On Tactical Arms, LLC for a minimum of 120 days. After 120 days, if not sold, consignor may pick up firearm or agreement will automatically renew for an additional 120 days. Consignor must complete a form 4473 and undergo a NICS background check to pick up their firearm. A fee of $25 will be charged per 4473 releasing consigned items back to the Consignor. This fee will compensate Dead On Tactical Arms, LLC for advertising, storage, display, other sells activities, and acquisition/disposition of the item from Dead On Tactical Arms, LLC ATF required gunbook. While this agreement is in effect, Consignor agrees to grant the exclusive right to market and sell the items listed below to Dead On Tactical Arms, LLC. ALL ITEMS MUST BE IN GOOD CONDITION AND CLEAN: Consignee reserves the right not to display any consigned item found on close inspection to be defective. Such items will be returned to the consignor at no charge after completing the required 4473. LIABILITY: Consignee shall be liable to Consignor for any loss or damage suffered to Consignor’s merchandise, including, but limited to, loss or damage to such merchandise from fire, theft, or other casualty up to amount of Consignor’s minimum sale price. FEES AND SERVICES: Consignment fee shall be 15% of the selling price of items valued under $1000 and 20% of items valued over $1000. For this fee, Consignee will inspect, photograph, and list item for sale in store, on website, and on auction sites (at the discretion of the Consignor). Consignor will cover any final value fees and listing fees for auction sight (if applicable). After consignment percentage is deducted from the selling price, funds will be issued for the remaining balance to consignor (minus any applicable auction site fees).

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