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Your satisfaction and sense of privacy is a priority for us, we do the best we can to ensure your information remains safe.

Credit Card

Currently we do not accept credit cards on this site, in the future we wish to change that. When that is achieved we will change the policy for credit card information.


Your email address will not be sold or given to any third party program for any purpose. We will not give anyone your e-mail address without first recieving your permission. The only use for your email address on this site is to help us communicate back and forth with you. Any emails from us will only be user for the purpose that you requested. No subscription based emails will be sent out without you prior signing up for the mailing list. If you took one our courses then you may be signed up for a mailing list if you provided your email but you can easily unsubscribe to that in the email.

Personal Info

We do not give out your email as described above, we also do not give out any other personal information such as name and addresses. We comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws governing the sale, transfer and ownership of firearms. With that being said all firearm sales must be sent to a FFL dealer or picked up from our shop.


We use cookies on this site to help the end user with a better experience. Currently cookies are only used for login purposes and the cookie policy that is displayed on the page when first loaded. We do not include any person information inside cookies saved for this site.

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